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Company news

April 2014 - A new lender joins our cooperation who specialises only in commercial and business bridging loans expanding our lending capacity to rival all other lenders in the UK at this present time.

May 2014 - Website is officially launched on the world wide web geotagged for the United Kingdom.

June 2014 - AdMain set about the redevelopment of the website so that it is update and in line with the current lending market. They are also working on getting it delivered to those people that are in need of bridging loans.

We can offer you short term funding regardless of your credit score!

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The key to quick UK bridging loans.

Who we lend too.

BridgingLoanNationwide:The key to bridging loans in the UKUnique. We firmly believe that and that is how we see your application for a bridging loan. Totally unique. Many of the requests and cases that land on our desk for short term finance have similarities, however, none are identical.

An underlying theme could be that the applicant has been refused elsewhere. We are adverse or bad credit experts. We don't base our decision on credit reports or history, we base it solely on the equity in the property or properties you would like to use as security.

This means we have a higher acceptance rate than the most lenders in the UK today and we offer nationwide bridging finance, not restricting funding by location.

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We have set up adverse credit bridging loans for both homeowners and business this month already. Our financing for last month combined is well over a million pounds.

This is mainly to people or companies that have been refused by their own bank, building society or High Street lender. We have also borrowed to those with good ratings too.

So for a fast decision, coupled with a cheap rate of interest and your bridging loans paid out quickly, get in contact with us today. We will work with you to find and implement the best and most cost effective strategy for your short term financing needs.

From a land line call                                                            From a mobile phone call

0845 475 1420                                        0203 287 7169

Due to the sheer diversity in our group of private lenders, we can offer financing to both residential applicants and also business based applications too. All funding can be used for any purpose whether you are a homeowner or a business or property investor looking for a short term option. 

Homeowner bridging loans. financeSince the global financial meltdown that started around 2006, massive, massive changes were made to the banking industry. If you recollect, the Government actually had to bail out many banks and therefore ended up with part or whole ownership. Strict regulations were put in place to combat the boom and bust scenario surfacing again, which means, the High Street lenders can no longer offer loans and finance to people with a poor credit rating. However, as we are independent, we are able to judge every application on its own merits.  

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Unrivalled quality of service.

Nobody likes to pay interest. We understand that. However, it is a necessary commitment you must make.

What we will endeavour to do is, based on your requirement, try to offer the most competitive raters of interest available in the UK. Hopefully it will be the cheapest bridging finance you will be able to get.

We will also guarantee you no exit fees or early repayment charges. Simply tell uis when you intend on clearing the loan and with that months interest payment, pay off the full amount and that is you settled. Quick, clean and easy.

So get in contact wuth us today. Your enquiry will be met with the level of professionalism and transparency in the industry today.

Be aware that a property or land is required as security and is liable for repossession should you default on the repayments or clear the full amount in 12 months.

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Business bridging finance. finance.Greedy bankers. They nearly ruined it for everybody when they caused the financial meltdown. One of the knock on effects was that the mainstream lenders feared lending to property investors or companies that needed a line of credit for business use. So those that wanted funding for cash flow problems, or those that bought and sold property and had no steady source of income where left high and dry when it came to financing option. However, we are independent, so we can offer a secured line of credit. 

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Why To Work With Us

We are the best. However this websites is going through a construction phase. And on that theme, we do actually lend to people in the construction industry. If you need bridging finance to complete a property refurbishment, redevelopment or any ype of housing project, we can help with funding.

however, as we said, we are still working on this website, so in the meantime,if you want to read about what banks offer bridging finance, please visit where you can apply online.

We look forward to speaking to you and organising your cheap bridging loan anywhere, nationwide, in the mainland UK. That includes England, Scotland and Wales.

From a land line call                                                            From a mobile phone call

0845 475 1420                                        0203 287 7169

We guarantee a fast and efficient service combined with cost effective rates of interest even for those with a poor credit history, unable to prove regular income or those that are bridging for a commercial project.