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Company news

April 2014 - A new lender joins our cooperation who specialises only in commercial and business bridging loans expanding our lending capacity to rival all other lenders in the UK at this present time.

May 2014 - Website is officially launched on the world wide web geotagged for the United Kingdom.

June 2014 - AdMain set about the redevelopment of the website so that it is update and in line with the current lending market. They are also working on getting it delivered to those people that are in need of bridging loans.

We can offer you short term funding regardless of your credit score!

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A quick decision on home owner bridging loans.

Prime use bridging loan examples.

Residentiall secured financingIn most bridging loan cases, time is of the essence. Do you need a fast decision with an almost instant pay out?

We can offer a really quick bridging loan decision. An offer in principal will be granted immediately based on the information given to us about the property or land that will be used as security.

The reason we can do this, is that thwe base all our funding on equity, not credit history or reports. So, if you are 100 percent accurate on how much of the mortgage you have paid off, or how much of the property you actually own, combined with it's true value, the offer we make should be the amount we will actually lend to you.

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We are an individual private lender, howeve,r if you prefer, we can pool our resources with other lenders and offer you s crowdsourced bridging loan also. It's all about offering you the best deal we can.

Plus, as you dealing direct with the lenders, there are no brokers fees for you to pay. We also do not have a minimum lock in period. so if you are able to clear the full amount bridged within the first thirty days, you only make one interest repayment. We are probably the only lender that doesn't have a minimum 3 month lock in period and that is why we are reknown for our cheap bridging loans.

So get in touch today and deal with the expert bridging loan lenders.

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More and more people are using independent lenders for their bridging loan needs. The main reason is that banks can take up to a month, and in some other cases, much longer to come to a decision combined with the fact that you need a perfect credit score due to regulation. 

Property chain break. financeIt's really surprising how many times each and every month we have to bridge to a home owner becuase there has been a break in the property chain. Gloria, on the right for instance, had two interested parties in her flat in London. So she sign for a house just outside the M25 and was packed and ready to move, when it materialised that both the people that made her an offer on her old home couldn't get financing which mean't the property chain broke. However we bridged her the full amonut for the new property and within two months her apartment sold and she cleared the full amount.  

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Deal with the experts.

We are the actual lender. However, we are also a group of lenders. What this means is that in the trickiest credit history situations, we can pool our resources and crowdsource a bridging loan to minimise any potential losses just in case the borrower defaults on the short term financing.

Through this method we can base the funding purely on thr equity in the property or properties being used as security.

This means that those looking to stop repossession can get financing through us. Those that are on the insolvency register or have an IVA can also obtain funding with us.

We can also offer a bridge loan to those that are unable to prove a regular income.

Get in contact with us today to see you have enough equity in your home to qualify for one of our nationwide bridging loans.

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An auction property purchase.

Bill, left, already owned his own home. However, he was relocating due to work commitments. By chance while house hunting in the new area, he happened across a property auction and saw a perfect house going cheap. One call to us and he was confidently able to bid on the house and actually won, buying it for more than 20% cheaper than it's actual true value. He moved in within 10 days. he sold his old home and the bridge was cleared within 60 days.

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